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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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lead poisoning remains a major concern in parts of northeast ohio today the ohio epa says chagrin fallss t school leaders took the proper steps to protect students but there is a problem at hand t elementary school is tracy mccool joins us.nt >> a few months ago ohio epa gave chagrin falls the all clear for the top honor ate tc gurney elementary school today the post on the epa website warns about potentially dangerous levels of lead d in the building, epa spokesman says the water at tc gurney could be dangerous forat
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they have removed thent building's water fountains and is giving it it is being extra cautious after the situation in sebring, in august, they found high levels of lead in the school water supplyin they replaced all of the water treatment equipment and the building was declared safe in november.. >> were on the scene aquifer . so we don't have any fashionably this is the aquifer issue that was the head high high levels of the lines that caused the initial issuess . >> they should have the result of the new water samples next week until thenmp the school will use bottled water. >> the latest in the aliza sherman murder investigation t, her attorney facing charges for extracting justice, are the place or the place closer to
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is one. >> the senate investigation is continuing,g, but the defense attorney says his client denies wrongdoing. >> another charge with aliza sherman murder but her divorce attorneynou is accused of making false statements to investigators .ng she was stabbed repeatedlyh march 2013 in downtown cleveland after going through her attorneyto gregory moore's office, the indictment indictment said the other day she was killed he sent text messages to her fold before and after her murder,he said that he was in the office, t prosecutors say evidence indicates he was not. >> while friends and family are pleased with the indictment, gregory moore's attorney says that his client denies the charges and is working as an attorney.y y >> beginning to get justice for
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far but i knew that this is the beginning of getting justice. >> tell you that he denies the charges indicate that a data set than he will that he will enter arraignment. >> we try to reach out toto gregory moore, but cannot reach him he is due in court next month.nn >> ohio university police in athens released a sketch of a possible serial rapist, andicns the evidence linked the suspect in at least three sexual assaults on campus the first 2,006 the secondat last summer in the most recent last monthth that does describe the suspect as ath male in his late 20s or early 30s aboutis 5-foot 9 inches, weighs about 160 pounds9 , but please urge students to not walk alone and reportno anyone suspicious. >> kent state officials looking into concerns about the a history professor who may have
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dave nethers reports that numerous red flags come from student reviews of the professor.po >> the federal investigation of kenston professor julio pino as he this command uses position the classroom to inform students beyond history, instant reviews they say more about what they do not say s . if the aquifer aquifer and there is investigation into fbti cuban born american who convert to islam converted to islam in 2,000 as a association with isis a a came under criticism for his social media posting and an 2011 he shouted death to israel during a speech by israeli diplomat .ou serbia's call him call him an amazing call him an amazing professor but some raise a different concern one reported that he talks about getting high and drunk and
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look into those complaints, but no mention of isis or the islamic state which appears o to confirm confirm comments he made last weekek. >> i never did discuss politics of islam or islamic state or any other political organizationam with the students to faculty or anybody else on campus. >> he was not charged with anything because he is at tenured professor so they have not taken any action to remove him from classroom dave nethersha fox 8 news. >> driver accused of running down a woman and a clue across what leslie claims she's not n guilty should not guilty, brandi scampitilla charge withth aggravated vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident they say that she was drivingngin the car getting to know well on fulton road video shows the the video shows the collision that launched her of the most later she was seen on care at a nearby
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$5,000 bond. >> will simply sell someone can identify the men wanted man wanted for an armed robbery at great northern mall,ay and they karen tried to use the stolen credit cards in clevelandcaca driving a silver ford focus . if i you recognize the suspects contact north olmsted police . fire officials tried to determinene a cause of a a fire in mentor this morninga on east avenue about 5:00 a.m. as as they worked to contain the fire inside of a commercial commercial bug they discovered the body of a man,, he was identified as 43-year-old james humberson the cause is under investigation .he ms. marshall's discovered possible cockfighting ring and youngstownco discovered at least 30 dead birds inside of the of the home during the early reagan
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now recovering from injurieswh at the happy trails animal sanctuary and ravenna, and they say thatatar caring for them is a challengeor. >> things with them is that you cannot put themng next to each other they will fight to the death. >> they say that the 24-year-old is under arrest and lived at the homees where they were found. >> the only ones who don't like thehe forecaster of the winter enthusiast, right nowof they 20s , warmer air is going to work in calmrm all across this coroner . we do have the windchill basically matching the t temperature . lake effect snow and the morning hourak and subsiding midday . we'll have
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the northro during predawn until then partly too mostly cloudy tonight .ar tomorrow, more clouds in the morning to think farther to the south you'll have more sunshine, and tonight low 20s . looking at mid to upper 40s and breezy . it gets even warmer on sunday andit we have the first full week of february . rock 'n roll hall of fame unveiled a new exhibit honoring going to let gays indictees the beastie boys featuring lyrics
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clute a volkswagen guide outfits from their intergalactic music video and their action figures part of their effort to showcase more modern >> kent state are and other music another music legend for his artwork,,e showcasing bob dylan's collection of custom portraits featuring people he has met over the past 50 years the work is on display at the kent downtown gallery until early march and goes to the exhibition and russia . still on the ground butti spring is on the air as the indians home opener is two months away there in town for the annual tribefest a town hall event at playhouse square, corey kluber and jason kipnis were part of a q&a with fans with fans and while they can get autographs at the meet and greet , moments ago the events announcing tribefest is sold out
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lack. >> killers of old town tonight to battle the pistons, detroit won the first game in november,f kyrie irving and iman shumpert and iman shumpert in a play becauseim of injuries, james nice just 15 points not to become the 17th player in nba history to score 26,000 also just five assists from derek harper p26 reported all-time they tip off at about 20 minutes . valid to 10:00 p.m. . the cavaliers return home tomorrow for a rematch of the spurs with the spurs, they're looking for revenge against the five-time champions with tipoff at 8:30 p.m. . . was it a sexist, or
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state senator tom patton under fire after some comments about his political pulpit is a young mother to as >> the government gets me is a 30-year-old mother of two infants and i don't know if anyone has explained her that we have to spend three nights a week in columbus, so how does that work out tve? >> allow senator tom patton from strongsville is receiving backlash for comments he made on america's workforce the longtime politician was brought on the radio show to talk about legislationwoan and ended up insulting his opponent jennifer heroldin is running against him for the seventh house district seatin .
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opponent is how hard she's going to work on education and i want to tell her, hey sweetie, i just got for some percent of the pie just my district. >> do not take long for those close to go viral and many women were offended by what he said that she was m . we talked to her at her home on friday. >> initially, i thought that this is notth just me i that thinks that this ise a bigger narrative, politics and 2016, still talk about women who are mothers andcs w baby of young children perhaps running for office and i think that if i were a man this would not be an issue. >> considers a mother her greatest strength. >> affect a lot of activities i do every day as a mother can translate into being aa capable effective representative. >> senator patmon has since tried to clarify what he meant by sending out his own statement
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who raised five daughters, intention to suggest that a mother cannot servein ably labeling the legislature to use a poor choice of words to express what i know firsthand that raisinge young children working as tough. >> repairs fox 8 news. >> president obama says what his goals for his final final year ar final year and what else is is equal pay for women spoke at an event of a work in the seventh anniversary of then lilly ledbetter fair pay act lawsuit bandanna collection program to close the financial gender gap use the data collected to identify companies that do not pay few employees for wages . white house confirmed reports that hillary clinton store classified information on her private server but sheila secretary of state,rv spokesman says that the server contained some closely guarded secrets of c
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to release aboutst 20,000 e-mails from her time as secretary of state at least seven e-mail e- chains would be protected because they contain top-secret material today's developments come just three days before the iowa caucuseslot . reports indicate that michigan leaders may have known thatichi he quit drinking the plaintiff in what was unsafet before they informed residents, they pass out free bottled water to workers in the plant area todayrr the governor claimed that was news to him because he thought the water was distributed becausehaus water coolers at the plant state state building filled quality test your not related to corroded pipes . 32 confirmed cases of zika virus in the us, most of those cases are links to international travelers, the cdc
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be spreading in the us, t wgn says they have identified cases of the h disease in 23 countries meeting in brazil. >> massive sinkhole in oregon continues to expand tonight in the coastal town of harbour tonight o you can see it is 60 feet deep swallowed a busy stretch of highway 101 heavy rainfall has opened another sinkhole nearby that could emerge together if the weather repairing the road over the weekend. in >> should have a nice quiet weekend to get out to enjoy itic. >> we don't have to have cabin fever onbi this last weekend of january . this weekend it will be warm,
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high of 36 and a low of 24 degreesan a . currently it is low to mid i 20s . makes you feel el like it it is 17th, blitzer plans are in the process of shifting . then it will be shifting to the south . the warm air will be working its way towards the north and east r . right now we are still running cooler than this time yesterday about 13 degreeses then the warmth will be increasinge into the central and northern plains . lake enhanced no fall, will be done and the systemal will be moving north bring about a blanket of clouds and northern
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thanks high pressure it will be warmer . tonight partly too mostly cloudy,to willow sage overtures w and the upper 20s by morning . on sunday, clouded to start and then showers in the afternoon most of the daylight should be dry o . it will be the warmest day of the weekend . low 20s tonight
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on sunday about 60 degrees degrees showers into monday, and about 40 degrees on monday, then on tuesday, mostly cloudy with low 50s . rainfall tuesday evening, this is a strong pattern, for one day, on wednesday it will be warm, windy and wet early then as the wind shift direction junctures tumble down into the 20s by evening . go from a rain snow mix to snowfall wednesday night and then thursday friday and saturday andnd it will as well be in the 20s with a chance of
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figures for the st. jude dream home go on sale thursday for 18 to 6:00 a.m., the t 5,000-dollar home located in red tail kinky in avon tickets costing $100 with proceeds benefiting saint jude saint jude the prizes include a car from nick abraham auto mall and a n hot tub from lite-house pool and spa for more
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other reference is how to madoff's facetime could professor jan could expand the menu,ldld most notably some muffin sandwiches hashbrowns and hot cakes but soon theho mcdonald's will start selling the popular biscuit and the grendell sandwiches and futures markets including tulsa, if the problem is successful they could expandpr the all-day breakfast menu nationwide sometime this spring .ea scott's place was covered still and she's worth almost $100,000, the second major cheese heist this weekend the dairy stateth they say that somebody stole 20 tons of
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